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         A Nation Of Mystics

         By Pamela Johnson

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                                                "LURIGANCHO"                                                                                               By Edward Padilla 

  "A harrowing account of one of the most infamous hell-holes on earth, and a thrilling tale of betrayed ideals, adventure, escape and redemption."
                                           --Nicholas Schou
                     author of Kill the Messenger, Orange Sunshine, 
                            and The Weed Runners (forthcoming)

Ally Cat Art Work

 Blotter Art Autographed by The Original Bad Boys of the Brotherhood Of Eternal Love Robert Ackerly & Edward Padilla.
 " Get Your Brotherhood Of Eternal Love Limited Blotter Art Sheets Signed By The Original Bad Boys Of Orange Sunshine."                                   AlleyCatArtWorks  

The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love by Stewart Tendler & David May  

Dion Wright Tempus Fugitive 

Orange Sunshine by Nicholas Schou

     A Free World Production! 

              Bobby BEL !

    BEL Free History Archives 

Santa Cruzin Community TV Shows                  Produced By

The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love

    Orange Sunshine Book   Interview Produced by BEL

Orange Sunshine Movie Interview              Produced By BEL                                  

Iona Miller 2017

  Tim Skully & Nick Sands      The Sunshine Makers 

                        Mike Hynson 

Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel

       Pat Farley

Surfing To Saigon

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